How to create advertising creatives for TikTok — tips from TikTok for Business

Three representatives of the TikTok advertising platform spoke at the WN Conference today: Andrey Hristyuk, Ignatiy Bodrikov and Konstantin Inin. They shared tips on creating creatives for their platform and showed a couple of cases with games.

Andrey HristyukAlways use sound.

  • According to representatives of TikTok for Business, sound should become part of the narrative. With its help, it is possible to change the mood of users, make advertising more personal and draw attention to its important parts. A lot can come in handy: music, mechanical noises and even just a voice. “Make the sound a meaningful part and remember that you are not only in the picture,” Yining notes.
  • Do not neglect the text. Sound and video alone are not enough. The inscriptions help to formulate and convey the key message of the video. In addition to them, you can use stickers — they are needed to add emotions to advertising and make it more interesting for the viewer. This also works for videos with the gameplay of games.
  • Create collaborations with TikTok bloggers. Advertising campaigns with bloggers are among the most effective in TikTok. Representatives of the platform advise not to limit themselves to popular ticktockers, but also to work with bloggers who have few subscribers. The main thing is that they have their own style, and they are not afraid to show emotions. Despite the fact that creatives with real people work best for games, it is important to show real gameplay in advertising.
  • Make tiktoks, not ads. This is considered the main rule in the company.

At the end of the speech, TikTok representatives gave examples of two games of Bamboo Games that have successfully proved themselves on the platform: Shift Race and Fish Idle. In the case of the first game, the studio managed to reduce the CPA (price per action) by 50%, and with the second — by 80% at once compared to standard creatives. Mamboo Games was able to achieve such success in particular because it used dynamic shots with the game and emotional sounds for creatives with Shift Race, and live shooting and additional text for creatives with Fish Idle.

Shift Race CaseFish Idle Case

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