Canadian game dev is under attack. Developers are forced to learn French

Quebec, one of the provinces of Canada, has greatly lost its attractiveness in the eyes of the gaming industry workers. The new law on the French language, which recently came into force here, is to blame for this.

According to this law, also known as “Bill 96”, after six months of stay in the province, an immigrant is blocked from accessing public services in English. He should start interacting with them in French.

In this regard, there were fears that this law would greatly affect the attractiveness of local game development for third-party specialists. Foreign developers are not ready to move to a province where they are required to learn a new language.

According to official data, 11 thousand people are employed in the regional game development. Many of them are immigrants who do not know French. Whether they will be ready to stay in the current conditions is also an open question.

The gaming industry brings in $1.75 billion a year to the local treasury.


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