The scripting language of the games 80 days and Sorcery! posted in open access

Inkle Studios has posted its ink scripting language on GitHub, which was used by the team during the development of 80 days, a recognized 2014 game according to Time, and a series of text adventure games Sorcery!.

Скриптовой язык игр 80 days и Sorcery выложили в открытый доступ

The studio went to such generosity after it “polished the syntax” of the language and wrote an API library for it under C#. The latter made it possible to adapt the tool for Unity.


The studio also published a large manual on working with the language, covering in detail how to work with it.

The threshold for entering the language is very low. It was created with the expectation that it would be easy to learn.

Previously, Inkle Studios released a free service for creating books-games inklewriter. The latter can be used both to create interactive books and to write dialogues for games. For example, Stoic used it to create dialogues for The Banner Saga.

A source: develop-online.netinklestudios.com

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