The British Gaming Association has called on the authorities to give tax breaks to indie developers

The TIGA Association wants to achieve greater government support for British game developers. She called on the UK government to introduce a special tax deduction for indie teams in the country - Independent Games Tax Credit.

TIGA offered the authorities to compensate 53% of 80% of the qualification costs of indie studios for game development, if these costs do not exceed 15 million pounds. At higher costs, 34% is proposed to be compensated. TIGA named such conditions for a reason — in April, the British authorities introduced a similar benefit for authors of independent films.

According to TIGA, the new tax deduction will boost the development of the British gaming industry, which will ultimately have a good impact on the country's economy. The Association also pointed out that similar benefits exist in other countries: the USA, Canada, France, Australia and others.

TIGA announced its proposal in a 10-point manifesto for the development of the British gaming industry. In it, the association also called on the authorities, for example, to launch a national gaming accelerator, introduce a competitive visa system for highly qualified developers and improve the salary situation in gaming companies.

It should be noted that the British authorities in 2014 began to compensate developers for part of the funds for the creation of games. Then they launched the Video Games Tax Relief program, but its terms are less generous than TIGA currently offers — the tax deduction is 20%.

TIGA Manifesto
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