Innersloth, the developer behind the popular game Among Us, has launched a new indie game funding initiative named Outersloth

The creators of Among Us, Innersloth, have launched a new fund aimed at supporting indie game developers.

Named Outersloth, this initiative was revealed during the Summer Game Fest Opening Showcase today. The studio intends to use its success from Among Us to assist other indie game creators financially.

"There have been numerous fantastic indie games lately, but the industry is tough," commented co-founder Forrest Willard. "Some developers don't get the opportunities they deserve, so we thought we could lend a hand."

Willard mentioned the fund aims to provide terms that would have been beneficial to them in their earlier, less recognized days.

On Outersloth's official page, it's clarified that the initiative is solely for funding without any intention to publish games or claim intellectual property rights.

Details regarding the available funding amount are yet to be disclosed, but it is expected to range from $50,000 to $2 million per project.

The funding excludes virtual reality, blockchain, Web3 games, and titles that are already on the market or in Early Access.

Victoria Tran, the community manager, stated, "This initiative is our tribute to our crewmates, players, and fellow developers, providing them with the necessary funds and freedom to complete their projects. Ultimately, we get to enjoy these games too."

Tran also described Outersloth as a "passion-driven endeavor" for the team, contributing to the goal of fostering a "better, more sustainable industry."

Six games have already received funding:

  • Mars First Logistics (Shape Shop)
  • Battle Suit Aces (Trinket Studios)
  • Mossfield Archives (Studio Any Percent)
  • One Btn Bosses (Midnight Munchies)
  • Rogue Eclipse (Huskrafts)
  • Project Dosa (Outerloop Games)

Additionally, studios such as Strange Scaffold, Visai Games, and Coldblood Inc. have been funded for undisclosed projects.

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