Rabbit and Steel: The New Indie Hit. The Game Was Purchased 126,000 Times in Two Weeks

On May 9, solo developer mino_dev released the action-roguelike Rabbit and Steel on Steam. In a conversation with GameDiscoverCo, he shared the game's metrics.

Rabbit and Steel

  • Two weeks after its release, Rabbit and Steel earned over $1.58 million in gross revenue on Steam. The net income was $1.4 million.
  • To date, the game has sold 126,000 copies, with a return rate of 4.3%.
  • Almost half of the sales came from the USA — 46%. The top five countries also included Japan (13%), China (11%), Canada (6%), and the United Kingdom (3%).
  • Rabbit and Steel has received over 3,000 reviews on Steam, 97% of which are positive.

Rabbit and Steel is a game with co-op for up to four players. Users play as anthropomorphic rabbits trying to fight their way through enemies to the Moon Peak. According to mino_dev's concept, the game should resemble an MMO, from which he borrowed the raid mechanic, while still remaining a roguelike.


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