The head of Take-Two is skeptical about the metaverse. He said that investing in "buzzwords" does not guarantee success

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick shared his opinion about the metaverse. In conversation with GamesIndustry.He told biz that he does not share the hype around this concept, especially when it comes to blockchain-based projects.

“Many companies suddenly believed that if they added the word “metaverse” next to the description of their business strategy, everything would somehow be transformed and the road to nirvana would open. Naturally, this is not the case,” Zelnik said.

Zelnik added that GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption Online, NBA 2K Online are somewhat similar to metaverses, since they are also interactive digital worlds. But he pointed out that these games are interesting to gamers not because of the “buzzwords”, but because they know how to entertain.


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