Azur Games has launched a concept competition on game modes for Axes Metaverse. The winner will receive $100 thousand for development

An unusual initiative from Azur Games. A developer and publisher of mobile games has announced a competition to create a concept for a new game mode for the Axes metaverse. The winning team will receive a grant for its implementation in the amount of $ 100 thousand, as well as 15% of all its future profits.

The main condition for participation is the preparation of a game mode design document using existing Axes Metaverse NFT characters (their description can be found here).

It is necessary to send the concept to the address by July 8 contest@azurgames.com . The winner will be determined in less than a week — until July 13.

There are no genre restrictions. The team can choose any game genre. However, the development period should not exceed three months.

Azur Games announces that it will assist the winning studio in:

  • game design of the game mode;
  • development of an economic model of the regime;
  • integration of mechanics related to blockchain and NFT tokens.

Support will be provided both during the development phase of the mode and during at least six subsequent months of updates. After that, the team will be able to either continue working on the mode, or transfer the rights to it to Azur Games.

Regardless of the solution chosen by the team, Azur Games undertakes to pay developers 15% of the regime’s profits.

As for the grant,:

  • it will be paid as a burn rate on a monthly basis;
  • if the amount is not spent in full after this period, it will be transferred to the team’s account as a one-time payment.

Axes Metaverse is a gaming blockchain project of Azur Games. It is built on the basis of an isometric battle royale with bots Axes.io . It is assumed that later users will be able to play characters representing NFT tokens, not only in the royal battle, but also in other modes.

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