German authorities have invested $1.2 million in Metaverse game developers

Metaverse projects continue to attract investment. German Flying Sheep Studios has announced that it has received $ 1.2 million to create the game Star Life. The money was given by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection of Germany.

Little is known about Star Life yet. According to Flying Sheep Studios, it will be a free-to-play HTML5 game, whose users will be able to communicate with each other, attend and hold concerts, as well as make purchases, including using blockchain.

The German authorities regularly invest in local gaming companies as part of the support program. Under its terms, developers can receive non-refundable grants covering up to 50% of the cost of creating games. Such grants were allocated, for example, to Daedalic Entertainment studios (authors Deponia) and Studio Fizbin (authors The Inner World and Say No! More).


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