The indie team Labyrinth Team is seeking 8 million rubles to further develop Labyrinth of Light

We continue our series of publications about games seeking investments or a publisher. Up next is an article about the Russian team, Labyrinth Team, who are preparing to release the spatial puzzle game, Labyrinth of Light.

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Roman Glebov, the lead and main game designer of Labyrinth of Light, discussed the project.

Roman Glebov

About the Team

We are a young team that formed during our time in graduate school at HSE. Now we call ourselves simply and concisely — Labyrinth Team.

Labyrinth of Light is our first team project, but each of us has already worked in the gaming industry for some time. For example, one of our programmers and I earlier released an iOS project — Crazy Moto Taxi. The other team members have worked at game studios or as freelancers.

About the Project

Labyrinth of Light is a first-person puzzle game with platforming elements, where players solve spatial puzzles using gravity-changing mechanics. The game is being developed for PC, but we also plan versions for VR and smartphones. We chose Unreal Engine 5 for Labyrinth. The game will take around 10 hours to complete.

Initially, Labyrinth of Light was a student project and has now reached the MVP stage, at which we currently stand. We are now seeking investments to turn our game into a fully-fledged commercial product.


About the Gameplay/Mechanics

In Labyrinth of Light, players can ignore conventional gravity and walk on walls and ceilings if they are illuminated by sunlight or any artificial light source.

Leveraging the unusual properties of gravity in the game world, players solve spatial puzzles and find their way out of a gigantic concrete labyrinth while helping a withering tree. Light isn’t always static — the sun and spotlights can change positions, and at times the player must find ways to illuminate the necessary wall.

Our game has numerous light sources, each with unique characteristics and effects on gameplay. Some of the most interesting are the light gun that can shoot light sources and a light cube that can be carried around.

About the Target Audience

The game's target audience is fans of spatial puzzles and platformers like Gravity Rush, Portal, and The Talos Principle. We draw the most inspiration from the latter two games. We primarily aim at midcore and hardcore players aged 12 and above.

About the Business Model

We plan to distribute Labyrinth of Light on Steam and VK Play using a Buy to Play model. After releasing the game, we also plan to sell DLC with new levels.

Looking at examples like Portal, Talos, and other similar games, we hope to achieve sales in the range of 30-50 thousand copies.

About the Metrics

It's still difficult to talk about real metrics. We have a Steam page with 187 wishlists. However, we haven’t engaged in deep promotion of the game yet. Therefore, we are also interested in working with a publisher who can test the project's interest among the audience.

Who We're Looking For

We are currently seeking investment and a publisher for our project. According to our business plan, the development can be completed in 12 months, costing 8,194,394 rubles, which is what we need for development excluding marketing. You can contact me, and I will provide a detailed business plan.

We are willing to share up to 40% of the project's revenue, depending on the terms offered.

Contact Info

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