This free database of indie game publishers contains over 100 companies filtered by budget and more

Unifiq Games founder Seyed Nasrollahi has created a free database of active indie publishers and investors. This spreadsheet should help game developers find companies they could pitch their projects to.

Free database of indie publishers for game developers

Operation Outsmart

Nasrollahi made a post on Reddit last week. “Last year I wanted to pitch my game to publishers, but I found it quite frustrating that there was not a single comprehensive list of reputable PC/console publishers,” the developer wrote.

So Nasrollahi decided to find as many companies as possible, collect all the data about them, and approach them with his game. Based on this information, he created a detailed database of more than 100 PC and console publishers and investors working with indie devs and shared a link to it.

Everyone can contribute to the list by adding more companies, but there are also two curated sheets with selected names.

“I thought this would be useful for fellow devs who plan to go to publishers in the future,” Nasrollahi noted. “This would essentially save you hours and days, as I have consolidated all the relevant info and links.”

The publisher sheet contains the following information:

  • Contact and pitch submission form or an email;
  • Steam page and the number of followers;
  • Best-selling and most wishlisted games they have published;
  • Top Steam tags;
  • Budget (rough estimate of how much money they typically invest, from less than $250k to over $1 million);
  • Communication (subjective assessment of how well each publisher communicates and reply to submissions);
  • General description / short review.

Seyed Nasrollahi’s list of high-budget indie publishers

The database already includes major publishers like Focus Entertainment, tinyBuild, Paradox Interactive, and Develover Digital, as well as companies working in mid-budget and low-budget segments (Crytivo, Herocraft, Roka Play, Ravenage, etc.).

The Investors sheet contains short reviews and information about their home country, website, and contact persons.

More data can be found in the full database. As for Unifiq Games themselves, the team is now working on Operation Outsmart, a physics-based sandbox survival game made with Unreal Engine.

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