GDC: Half of the developers do not believe in the metaverse and support the creation of trade unions

The organizers of the Game Developers Conference have published an annual large-scale study on the state of the gaming industry. As part of it, over 2,300 developers were interviewed.

Briefly about the main thing from the study:

▪️PC is still the most popular platform. 65% of respondents chose it for the development of current projects. The second place went to the PS5 (33%), and the third — Xbox Series (30%).
▪️Developers have become less likely to make VR games. Now only 38% of respondents are working on such titles. A year ago, they were 42%.
▪️45% of developers do not believe in the success of the metaverse concept. 75% of respondents are also not interested in blockchain games.
▪️44% of developers think that major deals between companies (like the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard) will have a bad impact on the industry. 17% believe that they will have a positive impact.
53% of respondents are in favor of unionization, but only 22% discussed with colleagues the creation of a trade union in their studio.

State of the Game Industry 2023
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