IO Interactive does not use AI in game development

Since the beginning of the year, many gaming companies have been actively experimenting with artificial intelligence. IO Interactive is not one of them. In an interview with Gamereactor, representatives of the studio said that they adhere to a conservative approach and work on games without AI solutions.

IO Interactive recognizes the great possibilities of such technologies. Nevertheless, the studio believes that due to the use of AI, for example, for writing game code, copyright issues may arise. “AI learns from existing code. Some licenses may oblige you to distribute your open source project if you copy someone else’s code into it. We treat this very carefully,” said Chris Vega, senior technical executive producer at IO Interactive.

At the same time, the lead developer of the IO Interactive engine, Alvaro Fernández Gonzalez, does not rule out that in the future the studio will start using AI. In his opinion, AI could be useful for optimizing the process of creating character animations using Motion Matching. In this case, all the source data will be created by the studio itself and there will be no risk of copyright infringement.


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