Unity launches AI marketplace and tools, including one for embedding neural networks in runtime

Unity is one step closer to building its own AI ecosystem. The company has now rolled out new tools and a dedicated marketplace to help game developers leverage artificial intelligence technologies.

In a new blog post on June 27, Unity announced the new, AI-powered creative solutions coming to its platform. On top of that, the company also detailed the launch of an AI marketplace in the Unity Asset Store.

AI marketplace

Called the AI Hub, the marketplace will include solutions covering:

  • Generative AI — tools for generating game assets;
  • ML integration — tools for connecting projects to third-party services;
  • Behavior AI — tools for creating in-game behavior, pathfinding, enemy logic, etc.).

At launch, Unity’s AI hub offering tools such as Convai (enabling NPCs with dialogue and conversation options), Leonardo AI (creating assets and textures), Replica Studios (generating texts and voice overs), and Modl.ai (automating game testing).

AI Hub marketplace in the Unity Asset Store

Unity Muse

Unity Muse is an AI platform that allows game developers to “create almost anything in the Unity Editor” using only text prompts and sketches. This includes assets, animations, textures, sprites, and other elements.

The company also started a closed beta for Muse Chat, a special feature that enables AI-based search across Unity documentation and training resources. It also should help devs find relevant information and troubleshoot issues.

Unity Sentis

Described by the company as a “literal gamechanger,” Unity Sentis is a solution that integrates neural networks in the runtime and allows developers to enhance gameplay and other elements of games by running them on end-user devices using AI technologies.

“It’s the first and only cross-platform solution for embedding AI models into a real-time 3D engine, so you can build once and embed your model so it can run on the edge on multiple platforms, from mobile to PC and web to popular game consoles like Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation,” Unity explained.

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