GameMaker announces AI integration that compliments developers' work, "not that replaces or steals it"

YoYo Games is another company trying to integrate AI technologies into its products. Here are the main changes coming to the GameMaker engine this year.

YoYo Games will integrate AI features into GameMaker in 2023

What is known about AI integration into GameMaker?

Earlier this week, YoYo Games published its 2023 roadmap, detailing what new features users can expect to see in GameMaker in the near future.

One of the main changes is AI integration that will come on the heels of the recently announced partnership between YoYo’s parent company Opera and OpenAI.

  • GameMaker will introduce new systems that will allow developers to incorporate AI queries and results directly into their projects.
  • AI integration should offer new opportunities in generating code and creating graphical placeholders, as well as enabling image in-painting and out-painting.
  • According to YoYo Games, the integration is still in the early stages, and the company is now exploring the field and experimenting with new technologies.
  • GameMaker creators also noted that they are “100% committed to avoiding any uses or integrations that quash individual expression, or that draws on copyrighted materials. We’re interested in AI that compliments and simplifies your work, not that replaces or steals it.”

GameMaker’s new Code Editor expected to launch later this year

What other features are coming to GameMaker in 2023?

  • New runtime that will rework the compiler and runtime toolchain to offer improved coding and faster performance, with a beta version coming soon for a small number of users.
  • Modding extension that will allow developers to connect their games to
  • New Code Editor with a redesigned UI, side-by-side preview support, and other improvements.

More details about other features, including the Prefab Library and a new marketplace, can be found in the full blog post.

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