The December WN Conference took place in Belgrade. Here are the results

Last week in the capital of Serbia, the WN Conference for game developers and publishers took place. Representatives from Larian Studios, Playkot, Riot Games, Saber Interactive, Sperasoft, Two Desperados, Ubisoft, TapClap, Wargaming, and many other companies attended the event.

According to the statistics gathered by the organizers, a total of 282 companies related to the gaming industry were represented at the event. The majority of them—63%—identified themselves as game developers. The second largest group—37%—were service providers.

Distribution of participating companies by specialization (a company may have multiple specializations) and by number

Among the latter, note the following: Adjust, AdQuantum, Amazon, AppMagic, Bambassadors, Clevertap, RoasUp, Playgap, Liftoff, Nativex, Unity, and Xsolla. Investment teams were also present at the event, such as GEM Capital.

The organizers note that the December session of the WN Conference was attended by 507 people. The overwhelming majority—60%—were top managers.

Distribution of guests by specialty and by regions they came from

As part of the event, a game project competition was held. More than 50 applications were submitted by teams from Europe, the CIS, and Asia. Some of them could be played at the developers' exhibition.

Three games emerged as winners of the competition. The award for Best Game Design went to the puzzle game The Star Named EOS by Taiwan's Silver Lining. The Russian game Torn Away was recognized as the best in storytelling. As for the quest Let Bions Be Bygones by Serbia's Bohemian Pulp, it won the prize for art and the grand prize.

Let Bions Be Bygones

This is the second major conference organized by WN Media Group in Serbia. The debut event in the region took place in Belgrade in February 2023.

Below are a few photos from the event:

The next WN Conference will be held on February 15-16 in the capital of the United Arab Emirates—Abu Dhabi.

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