WN Media Group to host two conferences in Istanbul this summer — one for game developers and another dedicated to AI tech

On June 7-8, WN Media Group will host two conferences in Istanbul, Turkiye — WN Istanbul’23 and AI For Business. Here are all the details about the upcoming events.

WN Conference

WN Istanbul’23 will be the second WN Conference held in Turkiye. The first event last year brought  together 1,400 attendees.

This time, WN Media Group plans to expand further, expecting to gather more than 1,500 professionals from around the world. People who will attend the conference will be able to listen to around 30 lectures from games industry experts, and roughly 150 games will be showcased during the event.

The full list of speakers will be announced sooner. As of now, WN Istanbul’23 attendees can expect talks from game dev VC fund Erebor Capital, MENA publisher Babil Games, social casino game developer Product Madness, and more.

Chief assistant of WN Media Group’s event team at WN Istanbul’22

AI For Business

The second conference will be held at the same time, June 7-8, and in the same location as WN Istanbul’23. It will be focused on AI technologies and how they can be integrated into business processes.

This will be the first major event for WN Media Group not directly dedicated to game development. There will still be room for topics related to the video game industry, but this time, the organizer will try to equally cover two other large sectors, FinTech and AdTech.

Details about the AI For Business event will be shared later. Among the first speakers are Lucasfilm, Charisma, which is creating a storytelling tool for generative dialogues, and Tarentum AI, which is developing a UA assistant.


The standard pass for both events starts at $299, but people who won’t be able to attend them on site can purchase online access to the WN Hub communication platform for $99.

It is worth noting that you don’t have to buy two separate tickets for the conferences. WN Istanbul’23 attendees will be able to visit AI For Business, and vice versa.

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