WN Connect in Shenzhen brought together 150 people from 119 companies, including Tencent, NetEase, and Roblox

The latest WN Connect event took place on March 30 in Shenzhen, China. It was attended by 150 games industry professionals from 119 companies. The list includes Tencent, NetEase, Huawei, Roblox, and iDreamSky.

WN Connect Shenzhen'23 brought together 150 games industry professionals

According to the event’s organizer, WN Media Group, game publishers accounted for 46% of the companies that participated in WN Connect Shenzhen’23. They are followed by game developers (43%), platform holders (30%), ad companies (19%), and investors (16%).

WN Connect Shenzhen’23 participants by company type (note: each company could choose multiple specializations)

Executives and BD & sales managers were the two largest groups of participants, each accounting for 38% of the total number of attendees. 17% of participants were marketing and PR specialists, and 8% were involved in game development.

WN Connect Shenzhen’23 participants by job type

WN Connects are small events for 100-150 people usually dedicated to the local games industry. They are organized to help developers, managers, investors, and other professionals share their experiences and discuss various business topics.

This is not the first time WN Media Group is hosting WN Connect in China. The previous event, WN Connect Shenzhen’22, brought together 140 people representing various areas of the local games industry.

WN Connect Shenzhen’23 is also the first WN Connect this year, in addition to the events already held in Belgrade, Tbilisi, and Berlin.

Below you can see more photos from the latest WN Connect.

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