The Belgrade WN Conference was attended by representatives of almost 400 gaming companies

On February 8-9, the first WN Conference of this year was held in the capital of Serbia. We share its results in figures and graphs.

How many companies were there?

390 companies related to the gaming sphere were represented at the event. Most of them — 55% — are directly involved in development. 19% of the companies participating in the event attributed themselves to publishers.

Distribution of participating companies by specialization (companies could choose several at once)
There were especially many small teams at the WN Conference.

56% of the businesses represented at the event employ from one to 70 people. 24% of the participating companies can be attributed to the average number – they employ up to 300 employees.

Distribution of participating companies by number of employeesHow many participants were there?

The organizers state that 661 people attended the conference. In almost half of the cases, these were top managers. 23% of the event’s guests called themselves developers when registering.

Distribution of participants by specialization 
69% of the participants came to the Belgrade WN Conference from European countries.

There were also a fair number of participants from the former CIS countries — 19%. 6% of the visitors came from the Middle East to the event.

Distribution of participants by region, where they come fromHow many games were presented?

89 game projects from developers from 33 countries (mainly based in Europe) were demonstrated at the developers’ exhibition, traditionally held within the framework of the WN Conference.

Distribution of games by platform type
Most of them — 66% — are created for the PC platform.

Also, 37% of the teams noted that they plan to launch their development in mobile. More than 70% of the products presented are made on Unity.

Distribution of games by the type of engine usedSomething else?

This is the first big conference held by WN Media Group in Serbia. The event was attended by such companies as Supergiant Games, Supercell, Ubisoft, Fuchs +Dachs, Amazon and many others.

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