The Belgrade WN Connect was visited by 125 people from 85 companies

On January 19, a local WN Connect event was held in Belgrade on the eve of WN Belgrade’23. It was attended by 125 representatives of the Serbian gaming industry, including employees of Microsoft, Ubisoft, tinyBuild and Mad Head Games.

According to the organizers from WN Media Group, 85 companies were officially present at the event. Most of all there were developers — 63%. Also, a considerable share fell on the teams involved in graphics (20%), and publishers (14%).

Distribution of participating companies by specialization (important: one company may have several specializations)
37% of WN Connect participants in Belgrade work in game development departments.

Another 29% of guests occupy positions of top managers in companies.

Distribution of guests by specialty
WN Connect is a small meeting for 100-150 people in a bar or restaurant dedicated to the local gaming industry.

The participants of the event can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and share their experiences.

WN Connect Belgrade’23 was held shortly before the first WN Conference in Serbia. Recall that it will be held in Belgrade on February 8-9.

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