Russian PR agency Weloveplayers has become an international indie publisher

The Voronezh agency Weloveplayers, which previously engaged in promotion on social networks and work with gaming media, announced a change in positioning. Now the agency is talking about itself as an indie game publisher.

Art for the game "Kuzhlevka", which was promoted by Weloveplayers

According to a post published today on the agency's VK social network page, the Weloveplayers team will no longer be limited to marketing services. She plans to take up the publication of domestic games "in Western countries, China, Russia and the CIS."

The Weloveplayers team announced its readiness:

  • to financially support the developers of Russian games;
  • take over the marketing of published products;
  • to help the teams in producing.

The newly minted publisher is going to publish only premium games and criticizes free-play projects, which, as far as can be understood from the style of the message, he considers unethical.

"We are against donat dumps! It is important for us that the Russian game dev is distinguished by unique single—player projects without donations and mechanics that suck money out of players," the post says.

According to the Weloveplayers team, earnings from indie camera projects may be enough "for the growth of domestic game studios, publishers and our industry as a whole."

Previously, the agency was mainly engaged in information support, community management and media newsletters. In particular, Baba Yaga Games helped a little with the promotion of crowdfunding, and also developed the Russian-speaking Dying Light 2 community.

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