The next GenAI For Business will be held in San Francisco on March 19

The final details of the new session of the GenAI For Business conference dedicated to generative neural networks have been published. It will take place in the USA this month. Among the speakers are representatives of businesses developing their AI solutions.

The organizers expect more than 300 guests from 200 startup owners, investors and business angels, as well as top managers of American companies either developing their own AI tools or considering the possibility of using it in their business.

The lecture program of the event is available for review on the official website. Let's note some of the speakers:

  • Guy Gadney is the CEO of Charisma Entertainment, a company that uses AI to create and integrate NPC companions ("digital people");
  • Oz Silahtar is one of the CEOs of Leonardo AI, a generative neural network analogous to Midjourney, but built on Stable Diffusion.

Representatives also confirmed their participation in the role of speakers Scenario.com , Lore.com , Entertainment AI, Blitzscaling Ventures and many other companies.

As part of the program, speakers and guests of the conference will also discuss generative storytelling, personalization of content using AI, as well as the use of modern technologies in design and education.

The upcoming event is the third WN Media Group conference dedicated to artificial intelligence and the opportunities it opens up for business. Like the previous event, it will be held in San Francisco.

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