VFX editor Pixel Composer has been officially released. The tool for creating animated effects for pixel art is now available for purchase, with 100+ various nodes to experiment with.

Pixel Composer is a node-based VFX editor for pixel art

Version 1.0 of Pixel Composer became available on itch.io on December 17, with improvements in UI scaling, external load of UI graphic, new nodes, and more. The full list of new features can be found in the devlog post

Pixel Composer can be purchased for $5, with the Steam version coming soon. It is worth noting that all previous Beta versions will remain free to download and use.

What is Pixel Composer?

Created by Thai indie developer Tanasart Phuangtong aka MakhamDev, Pixel Composer is described as a “non-destructive, node-based image VFX editor.”

The tool, built with GameMaker, allows developers to procedurally build animated visual effects for pixel art. They can choose from more than 100 different nodes and tweak them to get various effects, as well as import their own images and batch edit them at once.

Pixel Composer also allows you to create a collection of certain nodes to reuse the effects in the future. More information about the tool and its key features can be found in its official documentation.

MakhamDev has been working on Pixel Composer and its updates for the last year and a half. Despite the release of Version 1.0, the tool is still under development. Phuangtong plans to continue to fix bugs, improve features, and make some tutorial videos for beginners.