Sony might be the next tech giant to offer its own approach to the metaverse. The company plans to evolve its gaming business and adopt a cross-platform strategy ahead of potential changes in the market.

Destiny 2

According to a Reuters report, Sony addressed this matter at a strategy briefing on May 18. The company wants to play a leading role in the metaverse and immersive virtual worlds.

“The metaverse is at the same time a social space and live network space where games, music, movies and anime intersect,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said, citing Fortnite as a game that also offers players a lot of social features.

The company also has plans to offer more live service games, which would be able to retain the audience in the long-term. Its $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie, which operates succesful multiplayer shooter Destiny 2, should play a key role in this strategy.

Yoshida noted that it will be a catalyst to “enhance our live service game capabilities,” representing a major step forward in becoming a multi-platform developer and publisher.

PlayStation has already released some of its major exclusives like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. The company plans to bring more first-party titles to the platform in the future, also looking for a senior director to lead its PC growth.