WN Media Group has shared details about the upcoming WN Conference in Turkey. WN Conference Istanbul’22 will take place on June 7-8.

The offline event for video games professionals will take place at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC). It is located in Şişli, a popular district of Istanbul, with the city’s largest trading places, concert halls, restaurants, and around 40 hotels located there.

Those who won’t be able to visit WN Istanbul’22 in person will be able to take part in the online event called WN MENA’22 (May 24-June 24), watching lectures (including those streamed from the site in Istanbul), connecting via text and video chats, and exploring the virtual exhibition area.

Organizers expect the offline event to attract around 800 people, including developers, publishers, investors, as well as representatives of game platforms and funds. 1000 more participants will attend WN MENA’22 via the WN Hub, a digital online platform for developers and other games industry professionals.

The conference’s program hasn’t been announced yet. However, WN Media Group revealed the first speakers. The list includes mostly local game developers like Recontact Games co-founder Simay Dinç, Hungri Games founder Arslan Kiran, Tamatem marketing manager Lamia Shreim, and many others.

WN Istanbul’22 will also feature a special metaverse track, with different experts sharing their knowledge and insights into the subject. Epic Games, which is now making its first steps into this space, will be among speakers.

Tickets for WN Istanbul’22 can be bought here.