Analytics platform App Annie has announced a rebranding, changing its name to The company will combine consumer and market data, while also using the power of AI.

According to, it became the “first Unified Data AI company.” The company’s main mission is to “take complexity out of the equation by providing a unified view across all channels and illuminating opportunities with artificial intelligence.” won’t be a mobile-only platform. As pointed out by CEO Theodore Krantz, there is a “blue ocean opportunity to assemble a broader variety of digital datasets and activate artificial intelligence so that enterprises can compete at a higher level.”

On top of that, the company announced a partnership with Similarweb to unify its datasets and combine mobile and web analytics. said that partnerships like this will remain a top priority for the company as it plans to develop prescriptive recommendations across all digital channels, including game consoles, OTT, streaming services, and web.

App Annie was founded in 2010, providing analytics and data on mobile apps’ downloads, revenue, and engagement. According to Krantz (via Business Insider), now has a bigger goal of “selling full-stack analytic products to enterprise clients.”