Unity will change prices for three of its subscription services next month. It will affect users of Pro, Enterprise, and UIC plans, with price increases ranging from $200 to $600 a year.

What happened?

In a blog post, Unity announced that it will be raising prices starting October 13. The changes will affect the following three subscription plans:

  • Unity Pro will cost $2,040 a year (or $185 a month), up $240 from its previous price of $1,800 a year ($150 a month);
  • Unity Industrial Collection (UIC) will cost $2,950 a year, up $430 from its previous price of $2,520 a year;
  • Unity Enterprise will be priced at $3,000 a year.

It is hard to estimate the increase for the Enterprise plan given it is a custom solution without a fixed price. However, a Unity representative told Game Developer that the price is going up $600 from about $2,400 a year if you “convert the old pricing model to match the new one.”

Along with price increases, Unity will add new features to these subscription plans, such as Havok Physics support and new technical support packages (for Enterprise and UIC).

Why did Unity decide to increase prices?

“The new price reflects the value of our products today, and it’s our first increase in almost three years,” the company stated.

Unity also noted that it has increased its R&D investments by 172% over this period of time, with the Unity Editor being the main focus of its research and development efforts. So it pledges to improve the product further, including its rendering capabilities and workflows.

The last time Unity changed its pricing model was in January 2020, when it announced changes to its Pro and Plus subscriptions. The company justified the increase by its need to invest in “new technology, features and services that will benefit all Unity creators.”

How does Unity’s pricing model work?

Unity operates multiple products and services, with the main ones for game developers being the following:

  • Personal, a free plan for solo developers or small studios with less than $100k in revenue or funds raised in the last 12 months (it will remain free);
  • Plus, a $399 a year plan for small businesses that offers additional features like splash screen customization and cloud storage (won’t be affected by the changes);
  • Pro, an advanced plan for professional developers with an ability to deploy games to closed platforms like Xbox and PlayStation;
  • Enterprise, a subscription plan for large teams (working in gaming, architecture, and animation areas) with advanced guidance and support, as well as exclusive custom solutions.

One of the three plans affected by the changes is Unity Industrial Collection, which is a special software bundle for 3D product visualization that also enables the engine’s AR and VR capabilities. The list of the company’s other products also includes Unity Ads (monetization and U&A solutions), Unity Gaming Services, and more.