Hi-Rez Studios was accused of copying the voices of voice actors using AI without their consent

The voice actor Henry Schrader (Henry Schrader) had claims against the developers of Paladins and SMITE. He stated that Hi-Rez Studios included a clause in the contract according to which it can use AI to copy the voices of actors. It is impossible to refuse this condition.

According to Schroeder, voice actors who want to get a job at the studio can’t even get acquainted with the contract until they sign a non-disclosure agreement. Because of the same agreement, Hi-Rez Studios employees cannot warn candidates about the AI clause.

The studio has already commented on the accusation. The head of Hi-Rez Studios, Stewart Chisam, urged not to believe everything that is written on the Internet. He stated that it would be “dirty and strange” to resort to the help of AI without the consent of the actor.

Chisam shared a sample contract, which states that the studio undertakes not to copy the voices of actors in normal circumstances, but has the right to use AI in the event of death or disability of a person. He added that the death clause seemed reasonable to him, but now, against the background of complaints, the studio has updated the document and removed it.


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