A banana clicker attracted over 220 thousand concurrent users on Steam

Among the most popular games on Steam, Banana—a free clicker game where you need to click on a picture of a banana—has burst onto the scene. According to SteamDB, on June 10, Banana's online presence on Valve's platform reached a record 220,621 users.


As of writing this news, Banana ranks seventh in the list of games with the highest daily user count, surpassing GTA V (165,000 users), Rust (160,000 users), Call of Duty (118,000 users), and Helldivers 2 (63,000 users).

Top 15 Games by Daily Active Users on Steam

The excitement surrounding Banana is explained by the game's economic aspect. Essentially, nothing happens in Banana. The user simply clicks on the picture and watches the click counter above the banana image change. However, from time to time, bananas with different skins drop in Banana, which can be sold on the Steam marketplace. Most of the drops sell for just a few cents, but some are priced over $50. The most expensive listing right now is $1,800 for a special Golden Banana.

However, not all of the 220,000 users are real people. In an interview with Polygon, one of Banana's creators revealed that the game is swamped with bots. According to his estimates, about a third of the users were real towards the end of last week. The developers have reached out to Valve to work together to solve this problem.

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