Steam breaks its CCU record for 6th time this month, peaking at over 36.3 million concurrent users

2024 is expected to be another strong year for Steam. Valve’s game platform has been breaking records for the number of concurrent players almost on a daily basis this month.

Steam peaks at over 36.3 million concurrent users, breaking its CCU record for 6th time this month

On March 17, Steam peaked at 36,354,393 concurrent users (via SteamDB), which is a new all-time record for the platform. Over 11.5 million players were actively in-game at the moment.

This is already the sixth time this month that Steam has improved its player count. Previous all-time peaks were recorded on March 2 (34.3 million CCU), March 3 (34.65 million CCU), March 9 (34.93 million CCU), March 10 (35.38 million CCU), and March 16 (35.75 million CCU).

The most played titles of the past 24 hours include evergreen free-to-play hits like CS:GO (24-hour peak of 1.42 million CCU), Dota 2 (752k CCU), PUBG (706k CCU), and Apex Legends (434k CCU). On March 17, users also spent time in Helldivers 2 (378k CCU), GTA V (185k CCU), Baldur’s Gate 3 (149.9k CCU), Palworld (138.5k CCU), and Last Epoch (119.6k CCU).

Interestingly, Rainbow Six Siege broke its all-time player count on Steam yesterday, peaking at over 201k CCU. This is largely thanks to an 80% discount, with Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter being sold at $3.99.

Top 15 most played titles on Steam by peak concurrent players in the last 24 hours (via SteamDB)

It is also worth noting that the platform is currently running the Spring Sale, which is also an important factor contributing to new records. Not only are users flocking to Steam as usual to play some games over the weekend, but they are also purchasing older titles that might be 50% or even 75-80% off.

In March 2023, the number of concurrent users on Valve’s platform exceeded 33.5 million for the first time ever. It has already been broken several times over the past two and a half months, so it is interesting to see what the new all-time peak will be by the end of this year.

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