Invisible App Store

There are 400 thousand apps in the App Store whose rating and downloads are zero. The researchers of the analytical company Adeven insist on this.

60% of all applications in the iOS store (recall, according to the latest data, there are “only” 650 thousand programs in it), no one downloads or evaluates — they are invisible to users.

According to analysts, this situation has developed due to the complex structure of the app store. The App Store does not provide proper search, the only way to find new apps is to turn to the showcase or tops.

If the application is not in the charts or samples of Apple itself, it cannot be found without knowing about its existence. In turn, programs that occupy high positions in the charts are usually produced by companies that are willing to spend millions of dollars on promotion. If you are a small publisher of applications, then it will be very difficult for your application to be detected,” says Christian Henschel, executive director of Adeven.

Note that in order to solve this problem this year, Apple acquired the company Chomp, which develops an advanced program search system and provides more accurate search results than similar systems.

The researchers obtained statistical data on such a disastrous state of affairs in the App Store using their own service called Apptrace, which collects information about global availability and app rankings.

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