And the App Store may be wrong

It is quite possible that you also recently encountered a situation when a newly updated iPhone application did not want to launch? It turned out that more than one product suffered from this “disease”. 

The first to talk about the problem was the creator of the Instapaper program, Marco Arment. According to him, after the last update, his application stopped behaving correctly, “falling” at the time of launch.

In addition, it was noticed that difficulties are observed only in certain regions. For example, Instapaper users in the USA and the UK could not use the updated program, and the residents of Australia were fine.

As indicated in the material devoted to this problem, published by the esteemed Forbes, apparently, the reason is an error when encrypting the original application files in the regional App Stores.  Apple is already working on eliminating the unpleasant consequences of this bug.

In conclusion, here is a list of applications that have suffered from the error to one degree or another.

  •     Instapaper
  •     GoodReader
  •     Readdle Scanner Pro
  •     Angry Birds Space HD Free
  •     Gaia GPS
  •     Pair
  •     Redshift
  •     Flick Soccer
  •     iBike Moto
  •     Please Stay Calm
  •     Pinball Maniacs
  •     Stack the States
  •     Threadnote
  •     Checkout Helper
  •     Metronome+
  •     Phoster
  •     Melodies Pro
  •     MoPho
  •     SMARTReporter (Mac)
  •     PDX Bus
  •     CommBank Kaching
  •     CincyMobile
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