The search algorithm has been updated again in the App Store

Some developers claim that Apple last Friday returned to its mobile app store an old version of the search algorithm or a very similar one. 

Now, the place in the search results of the App Store will receive your application is again significantly influenced by keywords and its name. 

Thomas Kolinko, the developer and one of the founders of the analytical site, was the first to say this . According to him, after the Chomp update that happened the week before last, the Love Letter Writing application, which he was developing, stopped being at the request of “writing advice”. And this is despite the fact that this request was one of the key phrases. But on Friday, the app reappeared in the search results. 

Kolinko claims that, according to his observations, this happened not only with Love Letter Writing, but also with many other applications. 

Mattheus Krzykowski, founder of Xyologic, confirmed Kolinko’s observations in a letter to TechCrunch reporters: “Guys with you’re right, everything has returned to normal.”

He also noted that Apple will not stop there: “Of course, it’s hard to say what the company has in mind. But we are not surprised that she is setting up algorithms in her app store. The search for apps on the App Store is still better than Google’s, but the situation as a whole (along with the increase in the number of available apps) is getting worse.”

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