25% of Xbox Live games are incompatible with the new version of Windows Phone

The other day we wrote that Angry Birds and PES do not work on new budget smartphones from Nokia (namely Lumia 610). Just last night it turned out that the problems are not only with the gadgets of the Finnish manufacturer. It turns out that in addition to the mentioned applications on budget devices, about 25% of mobile Xbox Live games will not work on Windows Phone. 

Tango is one of the latest adventures of the guys from Microsoft. At least that’s how journalists from PhoneArena respond about one of the main features of the latest Windows Phone update – support for devices with 256 MB of RAM. This, according to the company’s idea, should reduce the cost of its smartphones and give the platform an advantage in emerging markets. 

However, as it turned out, many applications written for earlier versions of WP are incompatible with new budget devices. Previously, Microsoft assured that such programs would be no more than 5% of the total number presented in the market.

Interestingly, Microsoft kept its word. At the moment, according to the All About Windows Phone portal, only 1.6% of applications are incompatible with devices with 256 MB. However, if we reduce the sample, for example, to 10 thousand of the most popular programs, then the figure will rise to 4.6%. If the sample is reduced to the top 1000, then there will be 6.4% of such applications. Not so much, to be honest, and a lot.  

But if you look at one of the most prestigious categories in Windows Phone – Xbox Live, it turns out that a quarter of the elite catalog does not function on budget handsets from Microsoft. By a “random” coincidence, Xbox Live games are one of the most expensive applications on the platform. So, given the audience that 256 MB devices are aimed at, you probably need to close your eyes to a noticeable truncation of the assortment. 

In general, 256 MB is not enough for the functioning of only 4% of games on Windows Phone. Mainly, judging by the latest news, there is not enough RAM for hits. 

In total, about 86 thousand applications are currently available for download in the Windows Phone Marketplace (in Britain).   

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