Windows Phone 7 and Amazon Appstore are in the lead

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and Amazon Appstore are the fastest growing app stores, – Distimo and CSS Insight claim in their new report. 

According to the pace of development, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is the leader in the mobile platform market; and very soon it will surpass the BlackBerry App World in terms of the number of applications. Only at the end of January, its assortment numbered 60 thousand applications, but by the beginning of April it had grown to 80 thousand items. 

The Amazon Appstore, which is still the most modest in size, is also developing rapidly (the main catalyst for growth is good Kindle Fire sales). In the fourth quarter of 2011 alone, the number of applications in it increased by 40%.

Anyway, the iPhone App Store remains the largest market in terms of the number of applications. In addition, the speed with which new applications appear in it is noticeably higher than that of its main competitor Google Play. 

By the end of 2011, the total number of applications on all stores was 1.4 million, 53% of them were free and 47% paid. 

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