In January, the App Store generated $5.41 million per day

Distimo, together with CCS Insight, shared data on the daily earnings of the App Store and Google Play, and also introduced a new market monitoring service that collected this data.

The service is called App VU Tracker. The first data he received confirms that the App Store is still the leader in the number of downloads, the number of applications, as well as revenue.

In short, in January, according to his data, the situation was as follows:

– iPhone App Store generated – $3.34 million per day

– iPad App Store generated – $2.07 million per day

– Google Play generated – $679 thousand per day (growth compared to December was a solid 31%)

Moreover, in-app purchases accounted for more than 60% of revenue on all the platforms mentioned. The growth of this segment for the month on the iPod was a significant 73% and an even more impressive 79% on the iPhone.


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