Google Play is an outsider on micropayments

Google Play earns much less on in-app purchases than its competitors – the iTunes App Store and Amazon Appstore, according to experts from the Flurry analytical company.

According to their latest report, for every dollar earned by iOS on micropayments, there is $0.89 in the Amazon Appstore and only $0.23 in Google Play.

The company’s analysts came to similar conclusions after measuring the revenue of a number of popular applications on internal purchases in three markets for 45 days (January-February 2012). Journalists from Inside Mobile Apps considered this approach questionable for three reasons.

Firstly, it was conducted without taking into account app sales and advertising revenue.

The leader among cash applications can earn $ 2-3 million a month on iOS and about $ 1 million on Android. It is unclear how much a blockbuster can earn per month on the Amazon Appstore, but most likely much less – its audience is relatively modest.

Secondly, micropayments on Android do not play such a significant role as on iOS. If 80% of the 200 highest-grossing apps on the Apple platform use microtransactions, then only 56% of them on Android.

Thirdly, Google Play currently has a gigantic audience, many times larger than Amazon. The fact that the platform is somewhat behind on one of the indicators only demonstrates that it has something to work on.


By the way, it will be possible to communicate personally with representatives of Flurry at the conference White Nights Mobile Games Conference, which will be held on June 14 and 15 in St. Petersburg.


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