What do developers expect from the App Store and what other markets are there

The existence of a single market for an application on the iOS platform, on the one hand, is very convenient for both developers and users: the former get access to a large paying audience, and the latter – high-quality content. But there are problems. The developers shared their thoughts on this.

66% of more than 3 thousand respondents said that they expect an increase in profits from their applications in the Apple App Store.

Among the “Other” were the following answers:

– “The Appruv takes too much time and it is not so easy to pass it. We need to change something”;
– “Better application management. Those that the developers have stopped supporting should be deleted”;
– “The ability to release updates faster. If there is a critical bug in the application, then you don’t want to wait for a few days at all”;

As a rule, those who develop for iOS also create (or at least think about it) applications for other platforms. An important point is the choice of sites where these applications will be distributed.

35% of developers did not choose any of the proposed alternative markets; most of them replied that they were not looking for additional markets for their applications. This means that many developers are not interested in various small markets from different manufacturers, because the efforts to place and promote applications on them do not pay off in the end.

The respondents also offered their own options:

✓ SlideMe
✓ Apps-Lib
✓ AppBrain
✓ GetJar
✓ Pocket Apps

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