There are more than 450,000 apps to download in the iOS App Store

On July 7, Apple announced that there are more than 450,000 apps to download in the App Store.

Of these, 100,000 apps have been developed for the iPad. A month later, there are already 450,000 active applications. Active applications are defined as constantly used applications, not the total number of existing applications.

Количество приложений для iOS

  • Right now we have 403000 iPhone apps (that is, apps that run on the iPhone, including universal apps). 337,000 apps run only on the iPhone and, of course, run on the iPad.

  • Universal apps (both for iPhone and iPad) have reached 66,000

  • 114,000 iPad apps are optimized to run on iPad. This number includes special iPad apps (48,000) and universal apps (66,000).

  • 450,000+ apps = 337,000 iPhone-compatible apps + 114,000 iPad-optimized apps.

  • 25% of all apps are either universal or only for iPad

  • The total number of applications ever released reaches 566,000. This figure includes applications that have been removed either by developers or by Apple, applications that have changed copyright holders and launched under a new account, etc.

  • There are about 100,000 app publishers, 98713 to be exact. More than 100,000 publishers have released an application (however, some of them have stopped development or registered another account).

  • Iceberg Reader is the largest publisher of applications. They mostly publish books. At the moment they have published 8,202 apps available on the App Store. In total, they have published more than 10,000 applications.

  • Motor Drag Race is an app numbered 450000 in the App Store.

 These data show how strong the growth dynamics of the App Store is. At this rate of growth, the number of apps in the App Store will reach 500,000 by September, especially after the launch of iOS 5.

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