Polish gamers have launched a petition demanding to reduce the prices in zloty on Steam

Polish residents want Valve to update the recommended regional zloty price tags on Steam, taking into account the current exchange rate. The other day they created on the site Change.org the relevant petition.

The Witcher

The description of the petition says that the last time Valve changed regional prices on Polish Steam was in October 2022. Then the purchasing power of zloty was very low.

Thousands of people have already joined the call to lower prices. At the time of writing the news, the petition had collected over 11.9 thousand votes.

Poland has also launched a Kurs Na Steam campaign with a similar requirement. On the campaign's website, activists provided examples of games that cost more in zlotys than in dollars and euros for clarity. Among them are No Rest For The Wicked, Dave The Diver, Starfield, Factorio and Palworld. The initiators of the campaign ask those who wish to sign the above-mentioned petition, contact customer support, contact Valve CEO Gabe Newell or complain to game developers. Earlier, activists had already managed to achieve a reduction in the price in zlotys for Hades II.

Examples of games and their prices from the Kurs Na Steam website

Note that the Steam documentation says that Steam, when calculating recommended regional price tags, does not take into account the exchange rate of currencies, but the consumer price index and purchasing power parity. It is based on how much users from different countries spend on everyday goods and services. It is noteworthy that in October 2022, Valve promised to update price tags more often to reflect economic changes.

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