Playrix, Dream Games and Metacore are among the most successful Western mobile game publishers in Japan

Analyst Serkan Toto from Kantan Games has compiled the top 9 best Western mobile game publishers in terms of revenue in the Japanese market.

Merge Mansion from Metacore

When compiling the rating, Toto looked at which companies' games were among the top hundred highest-grossing in the country. He did not say how much the publishers earned.

Top 9 Western Mobile Publishers in Japan:

1. Playrix;
2. Niantic;
3. Dream Games;
4. Activision;
5. Peak Games;
6. King;
7. Supercell;
8. Roblox;
9. Metacore.

Toto noted that six companies from the rating currently do not have a Japanese office. We are talking about Playrix, Dream Games, Peak Games, King, Supercell and Metacore. According to the analyst, it is usually very difficult for foreign companies to succeed in Japan without opening a regional division or finding local partners. But, apparently, it is not impossible.

A source:

Kantan Games
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