Vengeance Games is looking for a publisher and marketing partner for the visual novel "Azrael, Messenger of Death"

We continue the cycle of publications about games that require investment or a publisher. Next up is material from Konstantin Sakhnov's Vengeance Games studio, which is preparing to launch a mix of a visual novel and a quest "Azrael, Messenger of Death".

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The director of the studio Konstantin Sakhnov told about the project.

Konstantin Sakhnov

About the team

We are an indie studio of Vengeance Games. The team consists of about 25 people. The core consists of former employees of Rocket Jump, Playgendary, Game Insight and other well—known studios.

Vengeance Games is currently working on two projects — a space 4x strategy game in which the user assumes the role of an ancient god, and a quest with elements of the visual novel "Azrael, Messenger of Death", which is a prequel to the strategy.

The quest team includes: a python developer, a screenwriter/game designer, two artists, two animators, a sound engineer and a QA engineer.

About the project

As I noted just above, the game is a quest with elements of a visual novel.

The closest references to it are:

  • "The Life and Sufferings of Mr. Brante";
  • The "Black Book";
  • text quests of the "Space Rangers";
  • "Bunny."

The work on the quest is funded from our own funds and will be completed in the next month. We are looking for a publisher or a marketing agency that would take over the promotion and launch of the product on the market. Currently, the quest has only Russian language. The volume of localization is about 10,000 words. The thoughts of the main character, Azrael, are accompanied by voice acting. The character art and interface were drawn by our team, the backgrounds were generated by a neural network and processed in Photoshop.

About the gameplay/mechanics of the project

The gameplay is based on a combination of a visual novel in which the player will have to form the character of Azrael, determine his fate, and an interactive quest with a large number of mini-games.

The player will fight demons, help elves drive annoying demons out of tunnels, build up planets with high-tech buildings, send detachments of mortal heroes on missions in the best traditions of mobile battlers.

Narrative Mechanics

The quest is designed for 4-6 hours of gameplay, has a number of alternative missions and endings aimed at ensuring replayability.

Reputation mechanics play an important role. The player's actions affect the attitude of in-game characters towards Azrael. A good reputation simplifies the game and opens up additional endings. A bad one gives a momentary benefit.

About the target audience of the project

The audience of the project is players of visual novels, arcade games and quests.

About the business model of the project

The product will be distributed on a premium model with an initial price of $14.99. Since the game is a prequel to the big game, part of its audience can be converted into 4x strategy players.

The quest production process in the studio is well-established and regulated thanks to the experience of the current game. In case of sufficient commercial success, we plan to produce similar products in the same or other universes at a rate of one project per three months. We have a resource to expand the team and develop several similar games in parallel.

About metrics

At the moment, the demo version has not been uploaded either on Steam or in other stores. We are waiting for approval from a potential publisher.

Character animations can be viewed in the VK game group:

A demo version is available upon request.

About who we are looking for

We plan to complete the development and testing of the product at our own expense. We expect feedback from the publisher (or marketing partner) on the product, marketing activities and localization of the game.

We will also be glad to find an investor for a large project — the space 4x strategy. This will significantly speed up development, giving us the opportunity to expand our staff.

How do I get in touch?

Konstantin Sakhnov, producer of the project:

  • Telegram:
  • Mail:
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