Thunderful Group sells the publisher of the Bridge Constructor series of games

Thunderful Group has announced that Headup Games is coming under the control of Microcuts Holding, a company headed by Dieter Schoeller, founder and CEO of Headup Games.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Microcuts Holding will pay 500 thousand euros for the publisher. This is significantly less than the Thunderful Group paid for it in 2021. At that time, the transaction amount amounted to 11 million euros, of which the Thunderful Group paid 5 million euros immediately, and promised to transfer the remaining six million euros within three years when Headup Games reached the required indicators. According to the Thunderful Group's press release, it still owes Headup Games 1.87 million euros. The company has committed to pay this money by March 31, 2025.

Microcuts Holding will have at its disposal 80 games already released by Headup Games and five games that are in development.

The Thunderful Group will retain control over some of the publisher's assets and IP, but it is not specified which ones. In addition, the Thunderful Group will receive up to 300 thousand euros in revenue from the yet-to-be-announced Headup Games.

Recall that the Thunderful Group thought about selling Headup Games in November last year. She said that although the publisher has made a great contribution to the company's work, he no longer fits into its business strategy.

The Thunderful Group is not in the best financial position right now. In its 2023 report, it reported a 4.6% drop in revenue to SEK 2.8 billion ($264.5 million) and an operating loss of SEK 609.3 million ($57.2 million). In January 2024, the company began restructuring, as part of which it laid off 20% of its employees.

Headup Games is a German publisher founded in 2009. He is best known for the Bridge Constructor series of bridge construction simulators. Headup Games also accounts for the publication of games such as Industria, Laika: Aged Through Blood, Tinkertown and Pumpkin Jack.

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