Forza Horizon 5 jumps almost 60 positions on Steam charts, while Dragon's Dogma 2 climbs into top 10

There were a bunch of notable changes on the Steam charts last week. Several older titles managed to return to the leading positions, while players are also actively pre-ordering the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Steam charts: Forza Horizon 5 jumps almost 60 positions, Dragon's Dogma 2 enters top 10

Forza Horizon 5 (left), Dragon’s Dogma 2 (right)

Helldivers 2 remained the highest-grossing game on Steam for the week of March 5-12. Arrowhead’s co-op action game dominated the charts for the fifth consecutive week (!), generating more gross revenue than Steam Deck and evergreen free-to-play hits like Counter-Strike 2, PUBG, and Apex Legends.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 jumped 15 positions to #6 overall, also ranking 2nd when looking only at premium titles. In addition, strong pre-orders spiked a new wave of interest in the original game, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which returned to the charts at #64 overall and peaked at 9,628 concurrent players.

Interestingly, Palworld dropped out of the top 10 for the first time since its launch on January 19, falling from 8th to 22th place overall. Despite a decline in sales, it continues to attract over 100k concurrent players daily.

Backpack Battles, an indie inventory management auto battler, debuted at 21st place. As we reported earlier this week, the game has already sold 100k copies, peaking at over 32k concurrent players.

Below are the top 10 premium games by gross revenue for the week of March 5-12 (excluding F2P titles and Steam Deck):

  1. Helldivers 2
  2. Dragon’s Dogma 2 (pre-orders)
  3. Last Epoch
  4. Forza Horizon 5
  5. Supermarket Simulator
  6. Crusader Kings III
  7. Call of Duty
  8. Baldur’s Gate 3
  9. Helldivers 2 — Upgrade to Super Citizen Edition
  10. Elden Ring

Top 15 highest-grossing products on Steam, including F2P titles and Steam Deck, for the week of March 5-12 (via SteamDB)

Looking at other notable changes on the charts, Forza Horizon 5 climbed 59 positions to #9 overall (#3 when looking only at premium titles). This is largely thanks to a 50% discount.

Paradox Interactive’s strategy game Crusader Kings III took 11th place, jumping 35 positions from the previous week. The main reasons were a 50% discount and the launch of the Legends of the Dead DLC, which landed at #50 overall.

Two other Paradox titles also saw spikes in gross revenue, with Hearts of Iron IV jumping 51 positions to #31 and Victoria 3 returning to the charts at #95.

Hunt: Showdown experienced the biggest jump, climbing from 86th to 17th place. This happened after Crytek released update 1.16 and the new Desolation’s Wake event, which will last from March 6 to May 8.

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