Helldivers 2 tops the Steam chart for the fourth week in a row, and the supermarket simulator is also among the bestsellers

No project has yet managed to displace Helldivers 2 from the first place in the chart of the highest-grossing products on Steam. In the week from February 27 to March 5, the cooperative shooter again surpassed Steam Deck and such hit games as Counter-Strike 2 and Palworld in revenue.

Supermarket Simulator

The Helldivers 2 update to the Super Citizen edition is also still on the chart. This time it took the sixth place.

Last Epoch, the next premium game on the chart after Helldivers 2, dropped slightly in the ranking. In a week, she dropped from third to fifth place. Elden Ring also weakened its position, moving from fourth to seventh place.

From the unusual: Supermarket Simulator, a supermarket simulator from Nokta Games, which was released in early access on February 20, has become very popular on Steam. In the general chart, the title is located on the 12th line. If you remove free projects from the list, then Supermarket Simulator will rise to the ninth place. Apparently, streamers helped the game to succeed. According to TwitchTracker, Supermarket Simulator streams on Twitch attracted 109,000 simultaneous viewers at their peak, and the number of their viewing hours over the past seven days exceeded 4.1 million.

It should be noted that the audience of Supermarket Simulator on Steam is steadily growing. At the time of writing, the peak online gaming on the site is 38,056 people.

Top 10 highest-grossing premium products on Steam for the week from February 27 to March 5:

1. Helldivers 2;
2. Steam Deck;
3. Last Epoch;
4. Helldivers 2 — Upgrade to Super Citizen Edition;
5. Elden Ring;
6. Palworld;
7. Baldur’s Gate 3;
8. Call of Duty;
9. Supermarket Simulator;
10. Balatro.

Top 20 highest-grossing products on Steam for the week of February 27 to March 5, including free games

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