Palworld is the highest—grossing premium PC and Xbox game in the USA and the UK as of January

On January 19, Palworld was released in early access. The Pokemon game with guns immediately became a hit: in less than two weeks, it sold 12 million copies on Steam and attracted 7 million subscribers to the Game Pass. The analytical company Newzoo looked at what other results the game achieved in January.


The main thing from the Newzoo report

  • In January, Palworld ranked first in revenue among premium PC and Xbox games in the United States and the United Kingdom. How much she earned is not reported.
  • 38.5% of American and British gamers who bought Palworld bought Lethal Company at one time. Also, many in the library have Baldur's Gate 3 (36%) and Among Us (35.9%).
  • Palworld ranked 11th in the world* in terms of monthly active audience (MAU) in PC and Xbox games. If we consider only adventure games — Newzoo attributed Palworld to this genre — then it got the second place.
  • Palworld's main MAU markets were the United States and the United Kingdom. In general, most Palworld players live in the USA and Thailand.
  • On average, users played Palworld for 16 hours each in January. This put Palworld in ninth place in the top in terms of game time among adventure games, and in 99th place in the top among games of all genres.
  • 51.6% of Palworld users abandoned Fortnite for her. Also, 29.1% stopped playing Lethal Company, and 22% of people stopped playing THE FINALS.

Note that Palworld is not being played as actively as it was at the start. On January 28, the game managed to achieve a peak online on Steam of 2,101,867 people, which is the second result in the history of the platform immediately after PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS with an online population of 3,257,248 people. However, in recent days, Palworld has been played by a maximum of about 400 thousand people at the same time. This is still a big number, but not so impressive anymore.

The dynamics of Palworld online on Steam, according to SteamDB

Pocketpair is calm about the outflow of the audience. According to the studio's community manager, it's okay to take a break from games. "There are many wonderful games in the world. There is no need to feel guilty for switching from one game to another. If you're still playing Palworld, we love you. If you don't play Palworld anymore, we love you anyway and hope you'll come back when you're ready," he wrote in X.

*Newzoo collects data in 37 major markets, excluding China and India.

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