Tanks Blitz earned 100 million rubles in RuStore

The mobile game Tanks Blitz has shown good results in RuStore. According to a press release from the RuStore team, users of the Russian app store spent 100 million rubles in the game Lesta Games in less than three months: it was released on the site on November 16, 2023.

Tanks Blitz

The Tanks Blitz downloads are not disclosed in the press release. It is only reported that 25 thousand people purchased a set of content sold in the game called "All at once!" with a 90% discount. But on the Tanks Blitz page in RuStore it is indicated that the game downloads exceed 100 thousand.

Earlier, the RuStore team reported that Tanks Blitz entered the top 3 most popular games on the site in 2023. Along with her, "Bus Simulator 3D" and "Plus City" also got into the top three.

According to the App Magic analytical platform, the Tanks Blitz versions for Google Play and the App Store have earned a total of $10.4 million since September 2022 - we are talking about revenue from IAP remaining after the company pays taxes and commissions. Almost the entire amount was generated by residents of Russia — $ 9.73 million. Residents of Belarus left only $661.6 thousand in the game. As for downloads, the game has been downloaded 10.2 million times from Google Play and the App Store. Most of it also fell on Russia — 9.5 million.

Revenue dynamics of Tanks Blitz on Google Play and App Store, according to AppMagic

Tanks Blitz is a version of World of Tanks Blitz for the Russian and Belarusian markets. It appeared after the Wargaming company, which owns the World of Tanks franchise, left these countries in 2022 and transferred the regional business to Lesta Games.

In November 2023, Boris Sinitsky, the operating director of the World of Tanks game, announced that according to the forecast, Lesta Games revenue for 2023 should amount to 18-19 billion rubles. Of this amount, 60% will be brought by the "World of Tanks", 35% by Tanks Blitz, and 5% by the "World of Ships".

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