Revenue from Google Play increased by 137 in 6 months%

Google Play earns a lot more than 6 months ago. According to analysts from App Annie, the revenues of the official Android app store increased by 137% in the first six months. This has already been felt by some mobile developers both in their home and international markets.

California-based TinyCo, well known for its talent to monetize Android apps, says that their Tiny Village project still manages to earn more on the Google platform than on iOS. 

Rajeev Nagpal, head of projects at TinyCo, said that at the moment the average ARPPU of a project on Android is 20% higher than on iOS. The weekly average income per active user over the past two months has also been higher on Android. What is also important, the conversion rate on the platform is also increasing. 

Nagpal names several reasons that led to this growth. One of them is large sales.

Over the past 12 months, the Google Play app store has overcome three important “milestones”, and each was accompanied by an aggressive sale (the first milestone was overcoming the 10 billion downloads line, the second was renaming the Android Market to Google Play, and the third was overcoming the 25 billion downloads mark).

Only the December sale helped the store to get 1 million paying users who registered their credit cards (the low price of the product strongly motivates to get into the settings and fill in their bank data). As is well known from the experience of iTunes, once a person who has made an electronic purchase becomes a regular user of the store. 

The increase in conversion and revenue from Google Play was also facilitated by the appearance of Google Play gift cards for $25, which were completed with the extremely successful Nexus 7. These activation cards also required credit information.  

The growth is also announced by Animoca developers. According to their data, the average daily income from an active user – ARPDAU – has grown markedly recently, not only in the Korean market native to the company, but also in other markets. 

ARPDAU with Google Play is still less than with Amazon and T-Store (a third-party Korean Android app market), but it’s already catching up with them,” says Sunny Cha, Senior Marketing and Corporate Development Manager at Animoca 

However, according to her, in countries where payment for applications occurs through an operator like South Korea or Japan, there is no serious increase in ARPDAU. However, there is already an extremely high level of monetization of applications, so you should not get upset. 

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