Google Play has allowed developers to add blockchain to applications

The Google Play app store has updated its blockchain policy. Now Android developers have the opportunity to integrate blockchain-based digital content into their products.

Google is confident that the updated policy will open up new opportunities for developers, will both rethink classic games and increase user loyalty by giving them NFT awards.

At the same time, as part of the new policy, Google requires maximum transparency from applications when working with users. If a game or application allows you to buy tokenized digital assets, developers should communicate this to the audience as clearly as possible.

Moreover, developers are prohibited from promoting in any way any potential earnings received as a result of gaming or trading activities. Simply put, it is possible to implement NFT, but it is not possible to report that you can earn money on its sale.

Also, according to the rules, you cannot take money for a chance to win an asset that has an unspecified real value. For example, it is forbidden to sell NFT, whose value is unclear at the time of the transaction (here we are talking about loot boxes, among other things).

When working on the updated policy, Google Play attracted third-party teams. For example, the store was helped by Reddit, which successfully implemented crypto wallets and NFT avatars, as well as the game studio Mythical Games, which specializes in gaming blockchain projects.


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