The Last Express will appear in the App Store this week

The cult adventure game The Last Express, which tells about the misadventures of the American doctor Robert Cat on the trans-European express on the eve of the First World War, will appear on the iOS platform on September 27.

The original version of the game, created by Jordan Mechner, the author of the original Prince of Persia, was released on PC in 1997. The project was a mix of a quest and an interactive movie. The main feature of the project was that the game was constantly running in real time. The events taking place in it were influenced by both the actions and inaction of the player. 

Despite the very warm reception of the press, sales of the game 15 years ago left much to be desired. The developers from DotEmu, porting the project to iOS (they also adapted Another World and Metal Slug 3 for mobile platforms), apparently hope that this time users will meet the game much better. It is still unclear who will publish The Last Express on iPhone and iPad.

By the way, Paul Verhoeven, the director of the original “Robocop” and “Remember Everything”, announced a year ago that work on a film based on The Last Express had begun.

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